Andrea Mangone Presents 2°C, A Premium Eco-Friendly Toothbrush

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Consumerism and the diffusion of disposable plastic products have maximised our comfort and convenience to the detriment of the environment. Toothbrushes are particularly hardly recyclable, being made of a combination of different types of plastics like PP/PE, TPE, and nylon. It is estimated that the average person uses 4 to 5 toothbrushes a year that when disposed, most likely end up in landfills.

To tackle this problem, Andrea Mangone, a product experience designer based in Milan, has designed 2°C, a premium eco-friendly toothbrush made to last for a lifetime. “2°C toothbrush reduces the overall plastic waste by an 87% thanks to a high-quality reusable body that accommodates disposable brush heads. Requiring just the heads to be replaced every few months,” explains Andrea Mangone.

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When not in use the toothbrush snaps magnetically to a smart base for a minimum footprint on the bathroom counter.  The smart base quietly tracks your brushing time and frequency, whilst simultaneously keeping track of the age of the brush head. This information is communicated to the user through push notifications on a browser-based mobile app, allowing for unobtrusive tracking of the user behaviors.

2°C is an ongoing collection of eco-friendly reusable products whose aim is to attract people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on comfort and performance. “At 2°C of global temperature increase, the consequences for the earth and its inhabitants would be catastrophic. The collection’s name wants to inspire all of us to be more mindful of this threat and do all we can to avoid it,” explains Andrea Mangone.

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All images with courtesy of Andrea Mangone

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