Doughnut: A Functionally And Aesthetically Designed Paper Shredder

Jaekyu Jung-Doughnut-Visual Atelier 8-Design-2.jpg

Project description provided by designer Jaekyu Jung: A doughnut is paper shredders that functionally and aesthetically designed. The project began with a closer look at the products already on the market. Most of the paper shredders have a very industrial look and feel which I tried to avoid. When looking for inspiring ideas and moods for the concept, I was totally avoiding the square form factor. The doughnut created softness and natural look and feel, which allowed them to be placed very naturally in living and working spaces also It is safe to use for anyone. The top shape protects your fingers from the shredder blades inside.

Jaekyu Jung-Doughnut-Visual Atelier 8-Design-10.jpg
Jaekyu Jung-Doughnut-Visual Atelier 8-Design-1.jpg
Jaekyu Jung-Doughnut-Visual Atelier 8-Design-9.jpg


All images with courtesy of Jaekyu Jung

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