Capsule: A Stylish Seating Solution For Concentration And Privacy

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Sokolova Design has crafted the capsule collection that gains inspiration from its name, due to its forms being shaped like gelatin pills that have been bisected with a blade. Taking inspiration from soft, secure cocoons, Kateryna Sokolova from Ukraine, who is the co-founder of two design studios, uses her knowledge gained through education at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, to combine oval cast steel frames, oak legs and dual upholstery, to present single and dual seater chairs that are more like private spaces or office oasis than anything traditional.

Apart from their future friendly appeal, they have hidden details such as Velcro cushion attachments and contemporary leather looking Nevada fabrics. The furniture’s depth allows users to sink into them to be able to block out distractions or disturbances. Sokolova is a master of Industrial Design, and has been the winner of numerous European design exhibitions and competitions.

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All images: Sokolova Design

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