Blond Studio Design Aperture Paper Shredder

As if a design element taken from THX 1138, the Aperture paper shredder, designed by the award-winning Blond creative studio, fulfills our drive for clean aesthetic uniformity. Being both minimalistic and sculptural in itself, the Aperture uses shape, surface and material in a matter that evades the commonplace.


The Aperture possesses a new-modern ideal that has been made contemporarily available, it can be intuited that its visual form factor was intended to be appreciated by future observers. The Blond design team used 3d CAD, as with ample research and development to capture unified elements that make this shredder both functional but also artistically sound.

To produce office equipment that can blend in with a conceptual art museums environment without distracting is a feat well accomplished by this team. Its functionality is equally as minimal as its assemblage; with only two buttons and a hidden rear facing power cord, the Aperture can sit unobtrusively as a symbol of mathematically precise technological splendor, as it effortlessly enhances spaces, as well as performs its useful functions.



For more information, visit the Blond website

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