Didier Faustino installation for Hermès and Pierre Hardy

For his collaboration with Hermès and Pierre Hardy, Didier Fiuza Faustino chose to seize the theme of Hermès’ new haute bijouterie collection HBIV-Continuum to design the interior of the Boutique Hermès with a futuristic atmosphere. The installation is inspired by cosmogony, the science of creating celestial objects and, at the same time, the part of mythologies that tell the birth of the world and men.

With almost twelve boxes that contain the jewels laid out in a perfect circle, Faustino introduces a basic representation of the notion of time. With the choice of rough materials such as crude iron and non-perfect 3D printings, the artist and architect introduced a visual counterpoint to the magnificence of the jewels. Another contrasting aspect is the light that comes from the heart of the sculpture, giving a feeling that the installation is breathing by the variations of light. 

DesignDana DimitrasComment