Evan Fay's Furniture Celebrates New Perspectives In Design


Evan Fay’s furniture contain a design signature of materials resembling exposed convoluted musculature with brass bone grid scaffolding. Taking tradition and twisting it quite literally has resulted in a post-modern hack of intriguing ingenuity. Made of serpentine cushions evoking the feeling of knotted rope entwined around geometric coiled metal, Fay blends cubist line sculpture with approachable decor that elevates spaces to the height of exhibition space.


The poetic depth in his pieces result from how the relationship between function and art interface with supple and stark materials. Fay intentionally seeks irregularity and spontaneity, but also limits this wild expression by appreciating structure through his architecturally precise nonrepresentational metal under structures. These pieces are a match made in design heaven, existing as not only conversation pieces but forms made for relaxation.



For more information, visit the Evan Fay website

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