Gravity Sketch Is An Immersive 3D Virtual Reality Design Tool

gravity-sketch-design-virtual-reality-visual atelier 8-1.jpg

Resembling the air screens with finger controlled cursors of the film Minority Report, Gravity Sketch is an immersive 3D Virtual Reality design tool created by a 12 person team in Brixton, South London. Supported by Oculus, Viva and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Gravity Sketch uses two sleek joystick like controllers to manipulate lines and shapes within its pale grey perceptual plane, where upon loading the software, digital renderings of said controls appear, and creation can begin immediately.


With this VR setup, there is also a 2d surface mode, where designers can use Wacom tablets to sketch concepts which can be later imported into the 3d realm where further composition can be done. Automatic content scaling, in real time, means that drawing details become effortless.

gravity-sketch-design-virtual-reality-visual atelier 8-2.jpg

Grouping content into wholes can also be done with simple selections, and entire intricate model object files can be imported where almost limitless design additions can be applied without having to recall numerous shortcuts, or activate options like tradition 3D interfaces. The naturalness of creating within the Gravity Sketch v1.6 interface means more time can be dedicated to creating.


For more information, visit the Gravity Sketch website

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