The Minimal And Elegant PHOS Projection System

PHOS-Visual Atelier 8-Design-6.jpg

The sumptuously designed and simply elegant PHOS projection system is the culmination of our current need for fully immersive televised experiences. From a projector that is just as visually stunning as its technological achievements are profound, the PHOS removes traditional limitations of bulky, motionless, home cinema projectors, and replaces these with a device that makes positioning, connectivity and quality its key features.

PHOS-Visual Atelier 8-Design-1.jpg

Its shape resembles the thruster rockets of a modern spacecraft, while its gradient patina alludes to sunset kissed deserts or alluring iridescent mineral amalgams. The body of the projector is secured to an ellipse design element that is attached to a marble base. The PHOS is able to move in straight angles from which its powerful light engine fires video images onto selected surfaces just as plasma would burst forth from a skyward rocket.

PHOS-Visual Atelier 8-Design-2.jpg

The video signal is fed through dedicated Wi-Fi from its smart case which connects to HDMI and other high bandwidth signal sources, this removing the antiquated dependence upon cords needing to be attached directly to the device. While it sits discreetly in its beauty while not being utilized, The PHOS is just as much an object of contemporary art design as it is technologically stunning.

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For more information, visit the Jacopo Mauro website

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