Palais Bulles: The retro-futuristic residence of Pierre Cardin

Hidden away between the peaks of the Estérel range and the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Naples facing Cannes, there's a rather curious building, both unusual and extravagant, Palais Bulles. This strange architectural phenomenon lies in the little village of Théoule-sur-Mer, discreetly concealed below the road from which it is practically invisible. It is only on passing through its unusual gates that its multitude of domes, bubbles and igloos come into view, all interlinked with each other in a surrealist labyrinthine maze.

This incredible collection is the work of the French-Hungarian architect Antti Lovag, who has spent his life inventing new methods of building and alternative housing. Originally built for Pierre Bernard, the Palais Bulles, or Bubble Palace, belongs today to couturier Pierre Cardin and hosts many different events, meetings, conferences and business seminars, thanks to its 500 seat amphitheatre. It lends itself equally as a hotel and for simple holiday stays, enjoying a lovely position on the side of a hill looking out over the Esterel inlet and a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Lérins Islands.

The Palais Bulles is a showpiece of nonconformity, innovation and hedonism, sitting on the sunniest and most prestigious coast in France.  A sculptured work of infinite views and perspectives, it offers total submersion in the fantastical world of a creative genius. According to the architect himself, this concept house is “an envelope for human needs, a made-to-measure envelope, infinitely adaptable“.