Samsung's 'Firevase' Turns Into A Smashing Fire Extinguisher

Samsung-Firevas-Visual Atelier 8-Design-1.jpg

Samsung's Fire and Marine Insurance company has made a remarkable addition to multiuse utility, by fabricating a fire extinguisher concealed as a vibrant flower vase. The Firevase is a fire suppressing gas “bomb” contained within a beautiful, semi transparent, cylindrical red bottle, which holds flowers before it is used to quench flames.

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Like fire grenades designed in the 1950's, when this vase is thrown at a developing blaze, it unleashes a solution that chokes out oxygen and helps stop the flames from spreading. The accessibility of this technology is as important as its beauty. The SFMI company endeavours to deliver a model called "created shared value", where dual use objects are made to endow aesthetic pleasures to spaces while being of immediate hidden importance.

Samsung-Firevas-Visual Atelier 8-Design-4.jpg

The flowers placed within the Firevase, which is purposely shaped from actual extinguishers, are intended to symbolize security and protection, which are also two important pillars of the insurance company's user protection directive.


For more information, visit the Samsung website

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