"Svart" by Snøhetta: World’s First Self-Powered Hotel

In collaboration with Arctic Adventures of Normway, Asplan Viak and Skanska, Snøhetta has designed "Svart" the world's first Powerhouse hotel, just above the Arctic Circle. "Svart" not only reduces its yearly energy consumption by approximately 85% compared to a modern hotel, but it also produces its own energy. Building an energy positive and low-impact hotel is an essential factor to create a sustainable tourist destination respecting the surrounding precious nature.

The construction is inspired local vernacular architecture in the form of the "fiskehjell" (A-shaped wooden structure for drying fish) and the "rorbue" (a traditional type of seasonal house used by fisherman). The circular design of the hotel is strategically placed to exploit the Sun's energy throught the day and seasons. The hotel's roof is clad with Norwegian solar panels produced with clean hydro energy. The facades protect against isolation from the sun in the summer, removing the need for artificial cooling. 

All images © Snøhetta

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