The House Of The Dead by Fredrik Thornström and Karolina Pajnowska

Fredrik Thornström and Karolina Pajnowska developed the concept called The House of the Living and The House of the Dead as part of their master's degree at Lund University. It involves the renovation and adaptive reuse of two concrete silos in the city's Nyhamnen port area. The first of the two cylindrical buildings would be converted into a crematory and columbarium – a house for the dead – and the second would be a housing development – a house for the living.  

"We believe in the idea of urban recycling as one of the key factors contributing to a sustainable building culture," said the duo, who believe that the need for denser cities will force industry farther out, leaving behind defunct buildings in need of adaption.  The two areas of the scheme are differentiated by a change in materiality. 

For the crematorium, the industrial concrete aesthetic is preserved and the machine towers reused for cremation equipment. The housing block features insulation and cladding that make it suitable for habitation. A park with dense planting designed to resemble a forest would connect the two blocks.