Zhongshuge Bookstore / X+Living

Zhongshuge, labeled as valuing culture, comes to Chengdu - a city full of cultural charm. The project is located in Yintai Center in Chengdu Tianfu Avenue. Taking the mall escalator to the 4F, we can see the familiar Zhongshuge label – text curtain wall at first glance. In order to integrate better with this charming city, Shu culture is embodied in the text curtain wall. Please find it by yourself.

After the curtain wall, it is a space full of “bamboo shaped bookshelves”. The wall follows the using of stable bookshelf shape of Zhongshuge, which makes visitors feel familiar even though it was their first time to come. Small tables on the floor which look like “bamboo shoots” are active in this vibrant space.

Walk through the “bamboo forest” to its right side, it is the children area, a jungle-paradise-like world. The walls: it seems that the houses, windmills and lovely pandas are hiding behind the bamboo forest. “Big Mushrooms” scatter on the continuing boardwalk, shielding the children who reading books under them. Certainly, mirror ceiling, as another symbol of Zhongshuge, is also applied to this area.

All images © X+Living – Shao Feng