Jum Nakao and Paper Fashion Art

Brazilian fashion designer Jum Nakao, born in 1966, studied Visual Arts and History and Fashion of Costumes in Sao Paolo. Today he runs his studio in Sao Paolo and is Creative Director of the Brazilian Art and Fashion Institute. His works have been featured in fashion shows in Galerie Lafayette, in the Musée de la Mode de Paris and in the Oscar Niemeyer Museum

He takes a special high school course that focused on electronics. After the course he starts thinking on the concept of interface and the way of dressing people that established a dialogue. He realizes that clothes work as this interface between people and world, as they are what occupies the space between our skin and what other see. He focuses then on the relationship between the trace, the pattern and the human body. Working two years as a tailor hepls him to understand that each individual has a pattern. In order to find more about fashion he starts studying accessories and begins working as a jeweler.

He receives in particular a lot of praise and attention in 2005 with his paper fashion design. For Sao Paolo Fashion week Jum Nakao and his team spend 700 hours to make the clothes, and they use almost one ton of paper. The idea of the project is: "It shows people that their values need to be reanalyzed, that materiality doesn't matter", he told The Creators Project.

Courtesy: Jum Nakao