Gioia Seghers

A graduate of the renowned La Cambre Mode[s] in Brussels -where she still lives and works- Gioia Seghers wins several awards in 2012 with her Final Year collection, including the prestigious Dior, Weekend Fashion Awards, Libre Essentielle and RA prizes. Gaining instant attention from international press and buyers, her striking and sculptural clothes distinguish themselves from the rest, timeless and delicate at the same time. Following her graduation show, she is invited by the Musée de la Dentelle de Caudry in France to exhibit selected silhouettes, underlining her innovative and refreshing use of lace. In 2013, Seghers decides to launch her eponymous line, focusing on refined and high-end womenswear. Pursuing her ongoing research around textiles and original shapes, she enters the Showroom [les belges] competition and wins a spot in October, allowing her to showcase and sell her clothes during Paris Fashion Week. In February 2014, she presents her first ready-to-wear collection -designed and produced in Belgium- within No Season's showroom. 

Ambiguous and intricate, Gioia Seghers' style is a study in contradictions, hovering between sensual femininity and sharp structure. Her vision of fashion is personal and intense, unveiling subtle emotions. Strongly influenced by her grandmother's elegance -whose Italian roots and poise impressed her as a child- Seghers infuses her clothes with a deep sense of respect, reworking the notion of a contemporary wardrobe, which speaks to women in an intimate way. Transparency, eyelets and lace are some of her signatures, as well as a European sense of sophistication. 

Inspired by transient feelings and sensations, her pieces are tactile and seductive, emphasizing the designer's instinctive approach to clothes. Using fabrics as her departure point, Seghers elaborates new stories in her head, replacing narratives at the core of her design process. Inspiration comes in surprising and mysterious ways, ranging from a series of old photographs, a poem in a book or a random thought expressed by a friend.

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All images: Gioia Seghers