Hanchul Lee

Hanchul Lee is an innovative designer from Seoul, Korea. He graduated from Fashion menswear course of Royal College of Art in London. His clothes are a perfect mix of masculinity and elegance. 

In 2013 he won the ITS competition with his "Savage Grace" collection. Hanchul found inspiration from the film Hannibal, Silent of Lamb and Red Dragon. He was fascinated in particular by the character of Hannibal Lector, an intelligent man that is a doctor and at the same time is doing cannibalism showing his savageness with elegance. Another inspiration comes from Yakuza, Japanese gangsters that usually are wearing suits, but when they are making an important decision they show the tattoos underneath suits. The technique of Hanchul is perfect in execution, his most striking pieces were made using the process of scarification, marking the leather scars by making cuts that are sewed eventually together. "The Body" and "Wearing Blaze" are the another two projects of the designer.