InAisce, A Label That Focuses On Pattern And Technique Innovation

InAisce is the experimental project of the American designer Jona Sees. The concept and the search is based on the experimentation and study of the fabrics. The designs highlight the elements of nature, linked to architectural structures and oriental ethnic characteristics. The InAisce collection was designed and produced in the studio that Jona, born in the state of Colorado, installed in New York. Although the Jona Sees brand is dedicated to the production of men's clothing, the delicacy of the pieces it creates are also attractive to the female audience.

That's why each collection has a small amount of pieces to be used by women. InAisce is focused on making clothing by means of exclusive experimentation with fabrics. The designer Innovates with patterns and techniques; try adding or removing details that make the fabrics have a development that makes them unmistakable.

There is a reflection of the architectural structures and their resulting lines. Then the designer inserts elements related to the imaginary that surrounds nature, as far as textures and silhouettes are concerned. Everything is expressed with cosmopolitan and multicultural elements, reminiscent of Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan.

All images: InAisce