Jun Kamei Designs An Amphibious 3D Printed Mask

Amphibio is the new avant-grade project that is inspired in a futuristic aquatic new age. In which the cities like New York and Barcelona are going to be almost all covered up by water. According to several studies, in 2100 the global temperature is going to rise 3.4°C, leaving these well-known big cities in not a very fun episode of SpongeBob square pants. The good news is that the biomimicry designer Jun Kamei shared his mind with us. Jun worked as a designer and material scientist at the RCA-IIs Tokyo Design Lab, an initiative between the Royal College of Art and the University of Tokyo. As a result, the humanity got the gift of breathing beneath water like fish. He created an amphibious 3D printed mask made of special porous hydrophobic material in form of a gill.

This gill works just like the internal part of fishes; it makes possible the abduction of oxygen molecules dissolved in the water around the external body. To end up expelling the accumulated of carbon dioxide. You can breathe underwater and above the surface in seconds. So now we know, that in case that our biggest cities get submerged by our lack of effort to preserve this beautiful homeland, this authentic and high tech garment will give the amenity that is needed to a both land and aquatic life.

Design by Jun Kamei

Photography by Mikito Tateisi

Model : Jessica Wang

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