Dinu Bodiciu Conceptual Headwear

Dinu Bodiciu is a Romanian born and London trained fashion designer. He studied his first degree in Graphic Design and in 2011 he received a Master’s degree in Fashion Design and Technology at London College of Fashion. His graduation collection, shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum, drew media attention with its shapes, textures, and styling. 

He collaborated with independent theatre companies designing costumes and stage settings for over 10 years. His work focuses on explorations of the human body and its interaction with garments. He perceives garments as an extension of the body and is interested in its ‘organic’ nature. Bodiciu's biggest celebrity moment came when Lady Gaga wore one of his designs on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but his work has also been showcased in established fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Vision China, and Bazaar Asia, Elle, and L’Officiel Ukraine.

Courtesy: Dinu Bodiciu