Florian Wowretzko: Edgy. Sophisticated. Innovative.

Florian Wowretzko is a young fashion designer who grew up in Ludwigshafen, Germany, but now lives and works in London. Since a child Florian was always interested in Art. In 2011 he starts his label "Florian Wowretzko" by using a unique vision of a protest against cliché and the mainstream industry. 

Florian has developed his own avant-garde, monochromatic aesthetic. He likes to play with texture, geometry and materials in a particular manner. Black is the dominant color as it is able to bring out the texture and the surface. His drive for creating a contrast is always a need in his designs. 

His collections reflect the social standing of life and the endless problems of a human being. Either is black or white, matt or shiny, messy or elegant, hard or soft, there is always a comparison. The silhouettes and elements are always different: edgy, sophisticated and innovative.

Courtesy: Florian Wowretzko