Ilanio: Art That Works

The limited edition of futuristic handbags that the designer and artist Ilan Reuben materialized for his label Ilanio manages to transfer creativity to everyday life. The brand crosses the walls of tradition through sensual experimentation. The experiments are based on fusing art with fashion so that objects can be used in everyday life.

Reuben achieves that aesthetic function does not play against practical functionality. Ilanio works alongside a group of experts from different disciplines. Thus the different experiences of each one generate new points of view. This fuels creativity to achieve innovative design ideas. Ilanio is in communion with his audience.

The brand and the audience practice the same philosophy. They are immersed in the same search for an identity formed by much more than those available elements. They are in a process of constant mutation. From there arises a need for new tools to develop the power of expression. Ilanio's products are unique. They can be safeguarded in the security of an art collection, or they can be used as a traditional bag.

All images, courtesy of designer: ILANIO