Jazz Kuipers Develops Menswear With Lectra 3D Technology

Jazz Kuipers is a Dutch designer who has received several awards and mentions for her creations in men's fashion. She studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She also did an internship at a renowned academy in Barcelona. At that time, she was part of the Individuals, Generation 12, a design group with which she presented the "Duals" collection, within the events of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. "Until the quiet comes", 2013 is a collection that is composed of a series of 3D prototypes. With this work Jazz won the award given by the French CAD software company Lectra.

"HAVOC" is the collection that Jazz Kuipers made for his graduation thesis. Later "HAVOC" was selected as a candidate for the Lichting G-star Talent Award. This event brings together the most outstanding design graduates of each year, in one central catwalk show. The creative process of Jazz Kuipers begins with the creation of a world, in which she settles to begin to define the designs and concepts of her collections. The universe that Jazz creates is a reaction to its environment. A way to exalt masculinity with leather, denim, cotton you work with refined clothing making techniques.

All images: Jazz Kuipers