Joji Kojima Jewelry

Joji Kojima is a young jewellry designer based in New York. Born in 1987 in California, during the childhood he moves to Japan, growing up in Zushi. At the age of 15 Joji starts to make jewelry by himself and learns the basic art including drawing, painting and sculpture.

Majored in advertising, photography and typography in the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University, Tokyo, and while he was undergraduate, started to make pieces for films and musicians including LADY GAGA.
At the present time, he is engaged in art direction, and is working in collaboration with different industries, in addition to producing his works.

His pieces reveals an impeccable craftsmanship and a passion for decoration. To realise such unconventional jewels Joji uses materials like metal, glass, bones and feathers. A design process might take a total of six months to complete.His collections include such themes as " The Mellow", "Midnight Dance", "Hotel Gluttony"and "Utopia".

Lady Gaga is a loyal supporter of the designer, she wore his chain mail mask on the cover of her "Fame Monster" album. The two artists are sharing similar fashion sense.