Julia Krantz

Julia Krantz and is a Swedish artist and designer with background in avant-garde fashion. Influenced by video games, fictional characters and alternate realities she seeks new perspectives on fashion and the human body. Once graduated she got more and more curious about computer graphics rather than refining her textile craft, discovering new dimensions of 3D technology and the way textiles, garments and outfits were portrayed in the game industry. She was intrigued by it’s characters and fictional worlds contrary to trend-analytical thinking. According to her the game industry is the antithesis of fashion in many aspects and it is strongly focused on creating strong and meaningful experiences for the players. 

In 2013 she was awarded with a one year working grant from the Swedish Arts Committee and decided to learn more about game development and how it relates to fashion. To highlight the borderland between the two is the purpose of Magic Fabric, a blog founded by Julia to encourage, inspire, amaze and innovate the art form of virtual fashion. 

Today she works as the Creative Director of Stockholm-based technology company Volumental, using 3D scanning technology to innovate the fashion industry

All images: Courtesy of photographers, © Garri Frischer / Katrin Kirojood 

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