Julia Krantz

The approach to fashion, carried out by Julia Krantz, is imbued with the aesthetics of video games, the imaginary of science fiction and alternative realities. It thus generates novel points of view about what is meant by fashion for the human body. When he finished his formative stage he neglected his skills in textile art, and he inclined to the practice of generating digital graphics. So he discovered the potential reach of 3D technology; investigated the way in which textile products and clothing were represented in video games. He did not let himself be carried away by analytical planning based on market trends. 

Julia Krantz affirms that the industry of the video games affirms itself in the opposite pole to that of the fashion. The producers of video games create solid experiences, which are significant for the players. This is how I became the Creative Director of Volumental. The company uses 3D scanning technology to achieve innovative advances in its field of creativity. His philosophy and vision of the separations and the meeting points between these two industries is reflected in his blog Magic Fabric. Here Julia encourages, inspires and surprises by spreading of the virtual approach to fashion design.

All images, courtesy of photographers: Garri Frischer, Katrin Kirojood 

Designer: Julia Krantz