Keta Gutmane

Keta Gutmane was born in 2013 as an avant-garde proposal that offers clothing designs for women. The brand produces collections that work on resignified male concepts and dress codes, the result is a garb that denotes strength while suggesting delicacy. The roots of the brand are in the current clothing manufacturing techniques; elements of the sportswear industry; details of traditional art. With this raw material, Keta Gutmane's creativity highlights the feminine spirit that is based on a combination of agile fabrics, with other durable fabrics and some with more functional characteristics. The colours you choose accentuate the freshness of each season.

Keta Gutmane says that his work proposes an open dialogue. An exchange of senses "democratic and carefully formed by the contours" of her creative process. She is based on observing the environment to achieve "a personal take on singular and versatile silhouettes". To improve the deep connection between the finished garment and the wearer, he performs an "inversion of the construction, tactility and texture". The design of each piece is designed so that the individuality stands out at the first glance. For Keta Gutmane, each collection "configures a window into the world".

All images, courtesy of designer: Keta Gutmane