Neuro is a reflection on the present and future of the fashion industry. Neuro project has explored one of the possible directions that the fashion industry could take. Inspired by concept artists working within the video game and film industries, 3D softwares were used to not only change the process of garment construction, but also defy traditional production times.

By using Marvelous Designer allows you to draw patterns in 2D with very accurate dimensions, to sew the parts together and preview the garments with a 3D gravity simulation to see how it fits directly onto the model. One of the most important aspects of this process is that within a very short amount of time you are able to create, visualize and change your design in just a few clicks, without touching any fabric. This design process is then faster, more convenient and definitely more eco-friendly than the traditional techniques.

Once the design is complete, the file can be used in another software to create renderings. This way, campaigns, lookbooks and editorials can be created instantly and fully digitally, without any physical garments. Since everything is virtual the possibilities are endless; you can pose the model the way you like change the set up/lighting of the studio or even make an animation/video. All of this could lead to a new meaning of luxury, where customers create entirely new garments or even customize existing garments to own a unique piece of sustainable wearable technology.

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