Nicolas Andreas Taralis

The creations of Nicolas Andreas Taralis are a cathartic act made in the art of sewing. On the fabric of his creations he defines the intersection between aesthetics and utility that postmodernity demands of design objects. Although Taralis was born in Canada, his lineage is defined by immigrants from Germany and Greece. Because of their differences, these cultural heritages generate a contrast between the passionate impulse and the calculation that precision demands.


Its collections include feminine and masculine designs, product of the creative outburst of an emotional state. Then he becomes a silent herald for like-minded spirits. Architectural concepts define the task that the tailor will perform, to impregnate in a garment sensuality and rigor. Taralis questions the archetypes of beauty of women and men, what they are supposed to be, to generate a dialogue between masculinity and femininity.


Some of the genres he uses stand out for their humility: linen, wool, poplin, denim. Then it generates a harmonic contrast with slightly more arrogant raw materials: silk, calfskin, British tweed, technological fibers. When adding metallic details, a game is generated with lights that burst in the dark. In 2018 he launched his "Gray Line". A collection with a more accessible price than the previous ones.

All images, courtesy of designer: Nicolas Andreas Taralis