The Mesmerising World Of Nikoline Liv Andersen

The creativity of Nikoline Liv Andersen is cultivated in a fertile valley, in the middle of the elevations of design, craftsmanship and art. This Danish artist builds clothing and inserts it into three-dimensional sculptural installations, as a constituent part of these assemblies.

Common sense usually puts limits on definitions. The same goes for the definition of clothing and the art of designing it. Andersen challenges these installed ideas, stimulating the perception of the public that embodies them.

Nikoline Andersen makes surfaces and supports them with textile structures. A collision of materials becomes a tailoring construction. At the same time, the designs give the impression of being an exoskeleton, generating the idea of an evolution product of very strange adaptations.

Furs, leather, plastic, cloth, wool, lace, tubes, nails and paint. Flat colors, gradients and iridescence. Sequins, beads, scales and embroidery. There are no restrictions for Nikoline's creativity when she tries to recreate the fragility of life.

Her process is a loop where the finished work is constructed, decomposed, dissolved and reconstructed. Add and remove elements; paint in several steps, unpaint. Goes and retrace all the paths that her restlessness feels, until she reaches her creative satisfaction. In the development, his creations acquire the ability to appear, to the human eye, an object with three-dimensional depth.

All images, courtesy of designer: Nikoline Liv Andersen