Noa Raviv

Noa Raviv's work is a synthesis of art, fashion and technology. The designer and artist has a creative fascination with the tension that is created between harmony and chaos; tradition and innovation. Metaphysical and universal forces that, while opposing each other, constantly seek balance. In the same way, Noa Raviv's creations are made by human resources and by mechanical elements. It combines artisanal manufacturing techniques with modern processes such as 3D printing and the cutting precision by means of laser rays.

The "Hard Copy" proposal made Noa Raviv to receive the attention and recognition of the specialized media and institutions. Then he took her to different places and exhibitions in several important institutions all over the world. The idea is based on taking the aesthetics of digital errors and visual failures of computers. The Noa’s search achieves poetic objects from unexpected imperfections and defects.

Noa Raviv, thanks to her work, has achieved international repercussion. Museums, galleries and other institutions linked to art have focused on their creations. Publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, BBC and Wired among others. Museums like the one of Fine Arts of Boston, or the Museum of Metropolitan Art of New York have expressed their interest on her art.

All images, courtesy of designer: Noa Raviv