PAWAKA is a brand of glasses designed by Fahrani Empel. This multifaceted woman is a designer, model and actress. In addition to a militant of environmental activism. It is inspired by the aesthetics of Native Americans in a mixture with their own cultural heritage, which are the Dayak tribes of Borneo, Indonesia. Fahrani's grandfather fought in World War II, his code name was, precisely, Pawaka. In the Sanskrit language, the classic language of India, pawaka is the word he uses to refer to fire.

"PAWAKA" reflects the temporal states of past, present and future through the use of Western pop culture elements, which are then worked with the best quality workmanship by European artisans. To pay tribute to his native land, the names of the styles of the glasses in the collection follow the order of numbers according to the Bahasa language, which is spoken in his native Indonesia.

The originality of the designs and the purity of the concept defines the collection has made "PAWAKA" the focus of the main fashion publications. Fahrani Empel appears on the annual list of Vogue magazine in Italy: "200 emerging designers to see" in 2015. The glasses "PAWAKA" can be obtained in stores located in the great world capitals of fashion and design, such as Berlin, Copenhagen and New York.

All images, courtesy of: PAWAKA