Silvia Fado Creates Hydraulic Heels

The shoes designed by Silvia Fado avoid sacrificing the main functions of shoes. It does so by bringing the fundamentals of sports shoes to high-end fashion. The concepts of functionality and portability, which are the norm in sportswear are usually left aside in high fashion designs. Silvia Fado analysed what are the characteristics that make a shoe more comfortable for those who wear it.

She came to the conclusion that the absorption of impacts, the weight of the footwear, the traction or the grip of the sole to the surface, and the greater durability were the main characteristics of these products. She managed to incorporate these particular signs of sports shoes into exclusive shoes dedicated to a refined and demanding audience. Thus he managed to develop shoes with high heel that manage to reduce the impact.

From a series of complex tests, carried out in collaboration with an architect and a photographer, he came to the conclusion that the human heel is subjected to different forces, which push towards different directions. That is why Silvia Fado introduced different mechanical methods, springs and hydraulic devices into the cleats of her shoes, which absorb the impacts of the heel.

All images, courtesy of designer: Silvia Fado