The Gemic Layer Watch Choreographs The Delicacy Of Time


As though a night storm were reflected in obsidian, the Gemic undulating 3D watch choreographs the delicacy of time. Designed by Xundi Li, this work of postmodern craftsmanship displays time through two simultaneously moving, though bypassing, notched, rounded-triquetra plans. Li’s design speaks without the use of glyphs, and instead relies upon its moving face’s circular velocity that is contained within a spherical circumference frame which evokes our knowledge of chronometric conventions.


Looking into its face is like being invited into an unknown future, or watching as sunlight falls against Muriwai’s nubian sands. In its entirety, the design seems as though it were a singular composite, its band as with its steel accents blend into the whole as if composed of an unknown substance. How the Gemic undulating timepiece captures and curves light on its surface textures is distinctly sophisticated.


Arriving in a collection of pastel tones, each rendition can characterize the differences of our unique life experiences. It is almost as if every aspect of this time keeping marvel becomes a deeper metaphor for life and its often mysterious journeys.



For more information, visit the Xundi Li website

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