Tobias Birk Nielsen Realeases “ISO.POETISM” Collection

“ISO.POETISM" is a collection marked by the glamorous glitch aesthetic that emerges after the most radical punk outfits have been reinterpreted. Simplicity is the hallmark of Tobias Birk Nielsen's creations, which highlights the ability of the Latvian designer to make his clothes very practical. Tobias managed to make these features an advantage over the competitors of its limited commercial segment.

Nielsen combines craftsmanship, which slides on a lifeline with orientation towards functionality. Use sober colours. Delimit forms with simple lines, elongated cuts that give comfort to movement.Links of chains, in addition to other details in metallic materials highlight on the fabrics of flat colours, in shades of black, gray and white. Details embroidered with the name of the designer or the collection.

"Hunting for Hope" is a phrase that can be read on the back of some of the pieces of "ISO.POETISM". Some others have impressions of artistic photographic portraits. Tobias Birk Nielsen includes a phrase in the look book of the collection, to explain his vision. "... when passing the stage of despair, poetry will appear from the deepest and most sincere isolation. I promise you this, I've overcome it ... "

All images, courtesy of designer: Tobias Birk Nielsen