Electroluminescent Fashion by Vega Zaishi Wang

Vega Zaishi Wang arrived in London in 2001, she was barely 16 years old. She came from Shenzhen province in China, where she had moved with his family in 1993. In England he studied clothing design at the London College of Fashion and the Central Saint Martins College of Fashion Womenswear. She gained real experience within the industry doing internships with Alexander McQuenn and Vivienne Westwood. In 2008 she travels back to her country of origin to found, with his name, his own design brand: "VEGA ZAISHI WANG". His creations are imbued with the experience he achieved in his formative stage, and his admiration for the British idiosyncrasy.

The quality and originality of its collections positioned the brand "VEGA ZAISHI WANG" as one of the most recognizable designers in China. Almost all the products offered by her brand are made by hand with Asian and European raw materials. The aesthetics of "VEGA ZAISHI WANG" has a strong influence on its culture. But this does not prevent the fact that they can recognize aesthetic elements typical of the British Isles. The emphasis is on using colors and pure tones; in slightly exaggerating the silhouettes; in enhancing craftsmanship.

All images: Vega Zaishi Wang