Vollebak: The Future Of Adventure Gear

Vollebak is a two year old start up taking on the outdoor industry. Founded by twin brothers and adventure athletes Nick and Steve Tidball, the innovative brand uses science and tech to make futuristic sportswear. Vollebak kit includes solar charged jacket, black light gear, relaxation hoodie and 100 year hoodie. All the items are built and tested with a team of athletes, adventurers and scientists.

Made from a highly responsive material that can be charged by exposing it to almost any light source, from the sun to your iPhone torch, the Solar Charged Jacket is one of the most technologically advanced jackets the world has ever seen. The core technology that enables the jacket to glow is its membrane – an ultra thin layer housed inside a translucent mesh that keeps rain out and lets sweat escape. The membrane acts as if it’s alive, absorbing sunlight like a plant and then lighting up as day turns to night. And with the phosphorescence engineered into the membrane itself, the tech sits at the very centre of the fabric, so it can’t wash out or rub off.

The logic behind the jacket is really simple: the longer you charge it, and the brighter the source you charge it with, the more energy it will absorb and the longer and brighter it will glow. The glow is at its brightest immediately after it has been charged but can remain for up to 12 hours.  Even on cloudy days, or left near a window, daylight is bright enough to charge it up.

The Solar Charged Jacket is fully waterproofed, with all seams sealed with specially designed transparent tape, so that none of the glow is lost. It is elastic, whether you’re climbing, running or riding, the jacket will never restrict you. And weighing just 230 grams, whether it’s on your back or in your bag, the jacket feels like it’s barely there.

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