Annette Labedzki

Paint-mixing videos has recently become a social media phenomenon and it continues to evolve into a type of performance art. One of its major representatives is Canadian artist Annette Labedzki. In a really short time Annette has mesmerized the digital public with her incredible videos. With a palette knife, she is rhythmically mixing paint, most of the time frozen, obtaining a satisfying effect on her viewers. One interesting consideration about this composition process is that over being visually captivating it can be used also as an anti-stress therapy.

Please tell about your background and how did your career as an artist get started?

I loved art every since my childhood and after I attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design, I pursued art full time.

You are rhythmically blending together various paint colors with a palette knife until they are fully turn into one unified composition. Your mesmerizing videos turn into a true social media phenomenon. How does this idea come to you? Did you expect all the positive feedback from your audience?

I was inspired by a few people who were mixing colors, and thought I would try it, the positive feedback was overwhelming in a good way and a huge surprise to me.     

Your artistic aesthetic is original in contemporary art, and certainly produces a very curious effect on viewers. Can you tell us a little more about the process, from concept to creation?

My process starts with instincts a little visions flashing before my eye, visions of colors that I want to use for the next video. As I start filming I become very relaxed and treat the paint with the utmost respect.

The ocean, symbol of emotions and flow, has long been for you a source of inspiration. How it is exactly related to your work?

By living near the ocean I become very prolific and productive, the ocean gives me creative space. When I live inland or on the prairies I feel less inspired.

By watching your videos many people feel relaxed because of the repetition itself and the hypnotic images they can see. Do you find that this kind of videos could be a cure for anxiety in the future?

I am really hoping that eventually my videos can be used as therapy for mental health issues in medical institutions. I have had thousands of private messages and in the comments telling me how much my videos help with people's anxiety and depression.

Internet and social medias played a fundamental role in sharing your performance art and communicate your feelings. What is your personal meaning about technology versus art?

Technology is just another medium to use in the journey of expressing yourself. Technology is also a great way to market your art.

Have you ever thought about turning your work also into a VR experience?

No I have never thought about a VR experience, it sounds like a great idea!

Nowadays we live in a high-tech world and connecting with each other has never been easier, however people feel more socially isolated. What is your opinion on this?

I feel more connected now than when internet wasn't available!

Your favorite books.

My favorite books are all the classics, poetry and art books with lots of visual imagery.

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Artist: Annette Labedzki

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Editor: Dana Dimitras