Anna Mae Releases "You Might Be Better"

"You Might Be Better" is the pop gem, and the new single, by Anna Mae. This artist shines with its own light a long time ago. From his central base of operations in Nashville, Tennessee, he took his music to several television studios, full of glamor. Anna Mae's previous single, "One-Minded" reached number 20 on the Spotify Viral 50 Chart, in the United States segmentation within the streaming site. The resonance of this achievement reverberated in "One-Minded" to turn the single into a worldwide success. Anna Mae, was born and raised in Minnesota, then settled in Nashville. In that city he composed "You Might Be Better", and gave the song an alternative pop style, which he printed power through melodies with guitars in front, coupled with the sweetness of his voice. The musical production was in charge of Snafu records. The mission of this record label is to find undervalued artists and get them to have the attention they deserve for high quality work. On "You Might Be Better" Anna Mae points out that she "always loved" to generate romantic ideas about events that happened in the past. The song incites the listener to think that, beyond the special and how significant those events of the past may have been, "none of them is better than the present". For Anna Mae, the best a person can do is to enjoy the present above all things. Do not feed the feeling of nostalgia that leads people to think that all past time was better.

Many of the professional works that Anna Mae has done for television, were for the most notorious chains and for series and important programs, as well as for films of the most prestigious studios. NBC World of Dance, with Jenifer Lopez. Lucifer for Fox. The Voice for NBC. Notorius for ABC. Teen Mom and Siesta Key for Mtv. Among others. In the artistic name, or pseudonym, which the artist chose, traces of her musical influences can be found. Anna Mae Bullock is the real name of Tina Turner. And, Anna Mae Winburn was a singer, pianist, guitarist as well as being the leader of International Sweethearts of Rhythm. The first musical group composed entirely of women, perhaps one of the groups with the greatest racial integration in the history of big bands. They made a musical show with jazz compositions, swing.