5 New Releases You Can't Miss This Week


J. Cole, in Middle Child, exposes the reality that he has, with pleasure, to assume. Although, the letter talks about loaded weapons and lists with names of people to shoot, also speaks of the role that sometimes meets the younger rappers. Do not forget to mention the vicious circle of violence, jail and pain that can trap people. But, the video that Candice Dragonas produced with the direction of Mez, shows something different. With a photograph sometimes dark and others bright, scenes of some cultural customs such as marching bands and car racing are shown.

Jonas Brothers - Sucker

Sucker is the triumphant return of the Jonas Brothers. The video, by the Blackhand Cinema team, exceeded 22 million views two days after its release on YouTube. The work of director Anthony Mandler, highlights the care that producer Richard Fenton had. The edition is up to the task. The scenes are developed in a location with aristocratic opulence, with predominance of greens and natural browns with the orange of the bricks. These scenarios, the clothes and the actions of the characters enter in a game of contrasts and opposites that enrich the narrative.

Tom Walker - Now You're Gone ft. Zara Larsson

Tom Walker ft Zara Larson’s Now you're gone is a love song, about the breakup of a relationship and the subsequent depression. The poetry reviews the feelings that are awakened inside the two sides of the couple. In the voices, we find that Tom Walker performs an aesthetic test with his singing style, showing a wealth of variations quite novel. He sings heartbreaking, almost hysterical tones. Then more gray and relaxed phrasings. And this nuanced with the velvety tones that Zara Larsson has, with which she glides the words as if it were the honey that emanates a honeycomb.

NGHTMRE & Shaquille O'Neal & Lil Jon - BANG

NGHTMRE, Shaquille O'Neal and Lil Jon joined their powers and launched BANG. On a beat with predominance dubstep and some details of trap the artists created a song that has the madness of NGHTMRE, the power of Shaq and the flow of Jon. BANG is that, a musical explosion that takes you away from any monotony you may be having in your daily routine. The sounds reach spikes that scratch the breaking point. The song makes the animosity take off to good levels, good humor and the desire to be in a good party.

MartyParty – Sicko Mode Remix

To raise the quality of Sicko Mode Remix, MartyParty convened the talents of Drake and Travis Scott. As the name implies, the song is a disease that goes directly to the brain and from there infects the entire body. The works on the beat and the voices of the guests show the experience of this resident in Miami DJ, to achieve a mixture of styles that result in a personal way that touches the unclassifiable. Sicko Mode Remix is a track that asks screaming for the dance floor, as if it were their only reason to exist in this world.