Luboku - Forget


Luboku was intrigued by music since an young age. He enjoyed playing piano as a kid and the guitar in high school. Once he discovered music production software he started creating his own music. He wants people to be emotionally affected by his music.

Characterised by vivid instrumental flourishes, rolling beats and wistful vocals, the dizzying impact of Luboku's compositions is undeniable. Creating crisp, layered sonic textures that constantly shift in intensity, Luboku expertly navigates emotional terrain while beckoning listeners onto the dancefloor.

The single “Forget “ has a warmer sound, in contrast with his often dark and melancholic style. Luboku describes this song as pushing his trademark electronic elements toward a more acoustic space. As regards the lyrical inspiration, Luboku explains, "it's about anxiety and fear, which I find to be recurring obstacles and that I'm sure many others may relate to...”.

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