ZES - Unlike You EP

"Unlike You" contains five songs by ZES. All the tracks are very different, but they share the peculiarity of being a complex composition that exhales a fragrance of simplicity. Gradually, the EP of ZES takes our attention capacity hand in hand. He seduces her so she doesn't go far. It offers a multiplicity of sonic textures, provides an acoustic mattress for the comfort of pleasure.

The sound design provides the elements of the composition to create musical pieces that delight. The melodies, the tones and the harmonies, generate unique climates where the perfect atmosphere develops to satisfy the aesthetic enjoyment.

The richness of “Unlike You” does not only go through melodies, multiple layers of sound and rhythmic forcefulness. ZES uses musical phenomena such as syncopate to lengthen a sound and extend its sound qualities.

This EP is impeccable in every detail, for that reason it affirms ZES, as an eclectic and dynamic composer; an exquisite producer, determined to achieve his author's role; an artist full of expressive resources. ZES, at the beginning of his career, only made himself known to the public through his music. After personal growth, ZES states that a part of his “ego shield” is pushed up ”with every song made”.

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