5 New Releases You Can't Miss This Week

AmPm - You Won’t

AmPm launches You Won’t from Tokyo. The track a very pop song with all the ingredients that the style demands: a melody that impregnates you like a refined perfume, an exquisite production in the treatment and election of the sounds and harmonies; this in addition to the Japanese duo had the good taste to invite Wednesday and include his voice. The director Kenta Ochihai made some shots, in close-up and full-length, of the contemporary dancer Yu Yamamoto on a dark background, with very little but very powerful lighting. Thus he created a video that is a metaphorical representation of the poetics of You Won't.

Leon Konstantin - Metamorphosis

Leon Konstantin is a Greek-German guitarist and Metamorphosis is a 12-minute work where the artist sinks into a sound introspection of the arpeggios. Launching a work that exceeds current standards on what is supposed to last a musical work, is an almost scandalous bet, can be. And brave, sure yes. In Metamorphosis, Konstantin deploys the skill with the instrument to generate environments that invite relaxation and spiritual contemplation. If the musician's intention was to make us feel better by listening to the song, he has fulfilled his objective.

 Börn Gögge - Plain

Tribal drums on electronic sounds synthesised for melodies. That is what Börn Gögge offers in his track Plain, the fourth and last of his EP Epos. Plain has a rhythmic progression that puts you in a trance, to take you straight to the dance floor. The selection of sounds and voices with which the melodies and arrangements of the track are assembled, prepare the mind to delight the non-auditory senses.

Lyrah - Are you all alone?

Are you all alone? Asks Lyrah in this single of Chemicals, which, although it is debut EP, we find the creative maturity of this singer from the United States. Lyrah's compositions have details of several stylistic veins, and achieve a very personal result, which highlights a climate of deep darkness on an electro pop musical basis. The lyrics of the song interpret the feelings of loneliness at night. Lyrah approaches the subject from the focus of the chapter San Junipero of the English series Black Mirror.

Zoe’s Shanghai - Two to tango

Two to tango shows so many virtues that the French band Zoe’s Shanghai has, that I can hardly decide where to start. But Zoe's voice is imposed, to bring the main melody and to generate harmonies with his singing, by superimposing several recordings. The instrumental trio that accompanies her has an almost academic versatility, it is very noticeable that they know all the pure details of each one of the styles that they cover in this song. There are progressions reminiscent of jazz, melodic scales that seem to have arrived on the silk route. Arrangements that put the musical almanac up to date to generate a musical joy in those who listen to the song.


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