5 New Releases You Can't Miss This Week

21 Savage - all my friends

21 Savage presents a dark trap, driven with a solitary spirit. All My Friends is a direct work that declares the position of the trapper in front of a theme inherent in the most primitive fibers of the human condition: friendship. All My Friends recounts many of the different facets that people acquire when they are developing their gregarious spirit. As usual in the trap, luxuries are mentioned to those who have been able to access to that items, after having gone through the problems that people have when they are poor. 21 Savage has the support of Post Malone to qualify the vocal work and give greater tonal richness in the final result.

Emma Sameth, WOLFE, Jeremy Zucker - Spin With You

Spin With You is an exquisite rhythm and blues, sweet, sensual and sensuous. The voices of Emma Sameth and Jeremy Zucker take turns places in the song, and put us in the role of witnessing, in front of a couple that dialogues with each other. She sings and he raps, those ways of expression are united in the verses of the chorus, where we know the point of agreement between the couple that presents the story. The characters love each other, understand their differences and the problems that each one tries to solve in their daily lives. They seek escape to be alone with each other, relax together, hand over their energies in a sexual encounter.

Rudimental, YEBBA, Maverick Sabre - They Don’t Care About Us

They Don’t Care About Us represents the return of Rudimental to the sound that put them under the main lights of the British scene. A style of electronic reggae, soft and sophisticated, on which rests a poetry full of metaphors with strong social content. The song marks a separation between They and Us, where each of the parties has different moral values, interpretations about life and love, and behaviours. The message of They Don't Care About Us, seeks to achieve liberation through love, mental liberation and active patience.

Cigarettes After Sex - Neon Moon

Neon Moon is another example of Cigarettes After Sex being one of the most fascinating proposals within the sphere of bands that have a poetic of depression. The song is the story of someone who is alone, who misses the person loved by him. The usual landscapes of a known city become activators of nostalgia. Every detail makes the poet miss the moments that he once shared with his beloved, and that will not come back. The lyric explores loneliness and its effects on the mood of those who are going through a recent love separation.

Wale - Winter Wars

Wale brings us, with Winter Wars, a rap track with all its traditional ingredients: a prolix beat without overloads, a complex and hypnotic metric in the poetry and the interpretation of a master MC. Wale developed his style in a way that makes Winter Wars sound with a powerful freshness, without losing the aesthetic imprint of the rap of the mid-2000s. Both the sound of the beat, and the theme of the lyrics, are accompanied each other to travel a novel path that does not get away from the rap stylist's map. Winter Wars is a blend between novelty and tradition.