5 New Releases You Can't Miss This Week

Post Malone - Wow.

Wow. the single that Post Malone published a day before Christmas, is a great gift for those of us who appreciate the music of this New York trapper. The vocal, firm and carefree imprint of Posty, slides into the lyric the usual concerns within the style. The work team was made up of Billy Walsh, Louis Bell and Frank Dukes. A curiosity: DJ Khaled published a 20-second sample of the video on his Twitter account three hours before it was officially published in the Post Malone’s streaming accounts. The video clip, available on youtube, is made with some compositions in motion graphics with a Christmas imprint made by Jaime Restrepo.

XXXTENTACION - Whoa (mind in awe)

Whoa (Mind in awe) is another posthumous single from XXXTENTACION, which is being compiled in a collection called Skins. In this song, the artist highlights his concern in providing for his family. He tells of the promises he made to his mother, when he told her that he would manage to shine despite having a troubled past. Review the moments of sadness, the existential doubts that with their vapor impede the vision. All in a simple poetry structured with simple rhymes. Whoa (Mind in awe) is the kind of song that makes you want to be on the road, looking out the window, thinking without brakes and without direction.

Russ - Nobody Knows

Russ was thoughtful and felt somewhat sad, but wanting a good tequila spree without water down, when he wrote Nobody Knows. The song explores the emotional sentimentality of the poet, the mixed emotions of enjoying economic achievements while not forgetting the facts that one would like to have developed in another way. The song is directly a rap with chorus, it escapes a bit of the style of rhythm and blues or soul, which Russ visits more frequently. The artistic fact of Nobody Knows is a cathartic act where the author manages to deal with his pain.

Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me (feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Raekwon)

Teyana Taylor performed a remix of Gonna Love Me with three rappers from the Wu Tang Clan: Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon. The work is a wonderful musical delight that combines the experience of the old rap school with the strength and audacity of a young exponent. All about a beat with sample from The Deftonics. The videos is a short film, which shows the details that can make a relationship falter, and the constant search that means to carry out a loving coexistence.

Madchild - Demons

Demons shows Madchild as an adult (the Canadian rapper was born in 1978), who has passed through the bright caverns of hard drugs, and went out to show that those lights do not shine, but do the opposite. The voice that recites comments that not to cross those landscapes that dazzle, is to achieve a greater focus on his artistic activity. He left behind the time of psychotropic drugs with alcohol, to reach a vegetative state and from there to dedicate himself to smoking cigarettes. The result is a polished sample of the aggressive rap to which Madchild has accustomed us.