5 New Releases You Can't Miss This Week

ROZES - Halfway There

ROZES seeks to give impetus to women's empowerment, and to spiritual empowerment in general. The song Halfway There invites to not abandon the fight in the middle of the contest; seeks to know if she is being accompanied by someone who possesses the empathy and strength necessary to reach the goal in a common project. There is no logical sense in leaving in the halfway of something, because you are wasting the energy that was used to get there. The creative and production team of Halfway There, in addition to ROZES, was composed by Aaron Chafin, Devin Guisande and Patrick Mencel.

D’Angelo - Unshaken 

D'Angelo gives himself a more than pleasant taste with his song Unshaken. The track is part of the second instalment of the Red Dead Redemption series, the game of the company Rockstar Games. The slow and calm pace, but in spite of that firm and powerful is ideal to accompany the mission of the game, with a relatively low level of difficulty. The main character of the open world that proposes the game is on a trip to a place called Shady Belle. Then it can be enjoyed again at a much more advanced level of the game. Rocco Deluca and Daniel Lanois accompanied D'Angelo in the creative and production process.

James Hersey - My People (ft. Jeremy Loops)

My People by James Hersey and Jeremy Loops is a joyful and festive song about romantic love and a sense of belonging. Talks about that special moment where love makes some people just want to be with the one they love, and with no one else. The sounds of unprocessed clean guitars, and some more digital details make My People a pop song that sounds absolutely friendly to the ears. The voices work the chorus so that it is installed in the memory with only having heard it once.

General Crush - Who Is That

Who Is That, the most recent release of General Crush, has narrative elements reminiscent of self-help literature. A message that impels the public of the message to fight for self-improvement. Creating a chill-out atmosphere that stimulates relaxation, the music accompanies the message that in each one rests the responsibility of achieving improvement and happiness itself.

Adam Ambrose - Relax

Relax is the third track of Little Green Cabins, the EP that Adam Ambrose released at the beginning of 2019. In the song the artist makes a display of his vocal ability on the raw sound of his acoustic guitar. You can hear the fingers sliding through the ropes. The poetry reflects on the difficulties of those who work to survive the week, and the hope that is not lost even in the most difficult moments.