5 New Releases You Can't Miss This Week

Tourist - Emily

Tourist, the Dj settled in England, has published a new single entitled Emily. It is the first work that Tourist (William Phillips) publishes this year and follows the aesthetic line of his most recent works, such as the 2018 single Apollo, and even the EP of 2017, Wash. The sound passages that Tourist provided for Emily, have some reminiscence to the progressive house of the mid-2000s. Although the harmonic imprint of the melody is much fresher and more up-to-date. The compositions have a chill-out climate that invites a cheerful and hopeful introspection.

 Tom Walker - Just You and I

Just You and I is the celebration of Tom Walker after receiving a positive response from girlfriend Annie, when he proposed to join him in marriage. This is a version of Just You and I a little different from the one published a little over a year ago. The letter invites to go out to drink and raise the glasses. Slip vodka down the throat until the internal liquids of the digestive system come out in the opposite direction. It seems an eschatological poetry, but Tom Walker has a way of expressing himself that he is not at all like that. It has a positive lyric, enchanted by the love and the rejoicing of romance.


Calvin Harris, Rag'n'Bone Man - Giant

Four days before the official release of the single, fans and followers of Calvin Harris had a boost in their anxiety when the artist warned in their social media accounts of the imminent publication of Giant. It is the first single of 2019 for Harris, and the first collaboration he does with Rag'n'Bone Man (one of the best chorus vocalists in the current pop scene). Harris was not only in charge of the creative part of the production, but also the technical part: he performed the tasks of recording engineering, and mixing engineering.

Sam Smith, Normani - Dancing With A Stranger

The magic of chance led to Sam Smith and Normani being in the same recording studio in Los Angeles on the same day. This situation and the mutual affection that they have, led them to record the single Dancing with a stranger. The song was the opportunity that Sam Smith was waiting for some time, to get away from the sad ballads that he had been working on. With that premise he composed Dancing with a Stranger, which, like almost all of Smith's work, has a marked autobiographical imprint. The chemistry between Smith and Normani resulted in an organic and natural production, without pressure or conditioning.

Professor Green - Photographs (with Rag'n'Bone)

Photographs rescue the nostalgia that the art of capturing an instant of light provokes. For the single Photographs Professor Green had the collaboration of Rag'n'Bone Man. The song is a tribute to Green’s past. “Photographs conjure up so many different emotions” says the artist “the ones I miss the most are the ones I never took. They are for me, in many ways, the memories I don’t have – especially the ones from my childhood. I wish I had more.” The cover of this emotional song is a personal photograph, a little Stephen Manderson with his beloved father, who passed away when the artist was 24. Professor Green asked fans to share photographs of loved ones they had lost with a specific hashtag #wishthatitookmorephotographsofus. Three of the images were selected and featured in the music video, directed by Simon Emmett.