5 New Releases You Can't Miss This Week

Khalid - My Bad  

My Bad by Khalid, is a story about the communication problems in a couple and the lack of respect towards the personal limits of the other person. Shades the scene to recognise that sometimes, despite the errors that are on one side, you (or me) also commit your own. Stylistically, the track is a warm Rhythm & Blues, with a catchy melody sung with the particularly relaxed voice of Khalid. It is the second single of the album Free Spirit, that will be sent in April of 2019. The composition was in charge of the artist, and of Dernst D’Mile Emile II, that also was in charge of the production.

Marshmello - Here With Me Feat. CHVRCHES 

Marshmello released Here with me with the featuring of the synth-pop trio CHVRCHES. The female voice presents a scenario of recent solitude, when you still miss the person you love. The melodic line sticks with the rhythmic base of the DJ to achieve a product that is more a pop song than a track for the dance floor. The animated video lyric video was in charge of the Toon53 studio, which has produced content for several celebrities, mark and Grammy winning artists. The animation is based on caricatures of the artists, with a colorful glitch aesthetic.

Boombox Cartel - Nothing to Hide

Boombox Cartel is considered one of the most prominent DJs in Mexico, although he established in the United States several years ago. Nothing to hide is a refined future bass track, which confirms this statement. Having the voices of Karra, gives the composition an air of freshness while singing about how difficult it is to love someone who does not have a mental stability one hundred percent stable. But, in spite of how difficult it is to stay, it is also very difficult to do the opposite and get away. The aesthetic treatment is friendly, pleasant to the ears, to treat a subject that can become obscure.

 Mahalo - So Cold

Mahalo presents So Cold, in a team with DLMT and Lily Denning. The theme has everything to break into the dance floors with a message of expectation, which encourages seeking personal blossoming in a cold society of feelings. The accelerated tempo and the progression of the harmonies raise the mood, and predisposes it to start dancing as if that were the best response to the impersonality of large groups of people.

Audrey - Soufflé

Soufflé begins with some very strange samples, almost as much as Audrey's lyric and the games she makes, while singing, with her voice. This artist appears breaking several limits, not only musical, but also her own. Audrey experiments with effects on voices, poetic metrics with rapper impromptu, percussion arrangements with trap essence. All these elements, so varied and different, suggest that they are not compatible. But Audrey's creativity is not so much in agreement, and she arranges them in such a way that she achieves an exquisite piece of music. After having started her career singing the national anthem of her country in sporting events, Audrey begins to show her interest in developing her ability to achieve a personal style.