Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris & Miguel Release A Touching Video

Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris & Miguel - I Found You features the journey of Nilda and her son, both refugees from America; a migratory crisis that does not leave indifferent! The video tells the powerful story of this young woman, victim of an attempted rape at age 15; also abandoned by his son's father with the choice of leaving his country after the death of his neighbours in a shootout; she will be separated from her child when they arrive in the United States.

Benny Blanco, the famous producer of world-famous hits (Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, etc.) said he spent several days with Nilda: from Honduras to New York, Mexico and Texas. Indeed, a real awareness operates; "We do not wear ankle bracelet while waiting for asylum, we are not afraid to be arrested and sent back to a country where his life is in danger. Nilda and Keyden do not know this luxury," he said. This video clip was made with the help of several American associations, helping migrants.