Billie Eilish Announces The Date Release Of The New Album And Shares A New Video 'bury a friend'

Billie Eilish has announced on her Instagram profile the title of her debut album: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and the release of it on March 2019. Alongside this news the young singer has launched a new song and music video entitled bury a friend. The video was directed by Michael Chaves and portrays a dark world. Eilish sings about personal demons and being the monster under your bed. Chaves is an American film director, famous for paranormal thrillers such as The Conjuring 3.

“When we made ‘bury a friend,’ the whole album clicked in my head,” Billie explains. “I immediately knew what it was going to be about, what the visuals were going to be, and everything in terms of how I wanted it to be perceived. It inspired what the album is about. ‘bury a friend’ is literally from the perspective of the monster under my bed. If you put yourself in that mindset, what is this creature doing or feeling?” She continues. “I also confess that I’m this monster because I’m my own worst enemy. I might be the monster under your bed too.”

From the debut single "Ocean Eyes", the popularity of Billie Eilish, defined by the Los Angeles Times as "the emerging artist who shows us that the future of pop has arrived", has grown steadily: over the years it has entered the Billboard 5 times Hot 100.


01 “!!!!!!!”
02 “bad guy”
03 “xanny”
04 “you should see me in a crown”
05 “all the good girls go to hell”
06 “wish you were gay”
07 “when the party’s over”
08 “8”
09 “my strange addiction”
10 “bury a friend”
11 “ilomilo”
12 “listen before i go”
13 “i love you”
14 “goodbye”