Bring Me The Horizon Unveils A Mind Blowing Video For 'Medicine'

Medicine, the new single from Bring Me The Horizon, makes clear the intention of the work from the first seconds of reproduction, when Oliver Sykes sings the first verses. It talks about the people who have a negative effect on other people. Poetry and music show a gallery of, sometimes, reflective feelings and other times full of resentment. The context where those moods and spirit arise at the time after the end of a relationship. Sometimes two good people, when they are together, are the ideal breeding ground to develop a negative relationship. Then the separation is a relief.

Knowing the history of the band, one tends to think that it is about the relation of Oliver Sykes with its ex-wife Hannah Snowdon. The attempts to continue in spite of the infidelity, the unanswered quarrels and the pardons that did not arrive. Medicine has a sound that at times evokes electronic music with a treatment that makes them radio friendly. But sooner rather than later they reach the power that characterized the beginnings of Bring Me The Horizon.

The video clip of the song has designs by the artist Extraweg. The images show a digital 3D sculpture of Oliver Sikes. We see the vocalist of BMTH in different situations that metaphorize what poetry says. Extraweg proposes a game between two opposing realities that fight each other. According to the words of the artist based in Berlin: "Real world (dark aesthetic) vs. Memories and feelings world (pop and friendly aesthetic)".