Listen To Eva-lina New Single "You so Cool"

Eva-lina is an emergent artist and producer from Sweden. She is sticking not only with her voice but also with her captivating stage presence. The joyful style of her provocative pop music is inspired by Charli XCX and Tove Lo.

Eva-lina starts singing in church as a child and fed a steady diet of rock music by her older brother. She took inspiration from big musical influences like P!nk and Gwen Stefani. Her career as a singer starts when she decides to move to London. Up to date the young artist has performed at festivals such as North Atlantic Flux and Frimley Lodge.

Eva-Lina has recently released her second single “You So Cool”, co-written and produced with Nick Tsang. “I don’t sing this about anyone, I sing it to myself, to everyone. It’s message of empowerment because it is ‘so cool’ when you to have the confidence to take charge and have fun”, says Eva-Lina.

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